Wine bottle shoot

Behind the scenes – wine bottle setup

Recently I completed a multi-day shoot for Brancott Estate and Stoneleigh vineyards in Marlborough. It is interesting to look at the set-up shot and the completed image. The day for the above shot was dull and overcast and threatening rain. In fact passing showers were spotting the bottles as I set up. Because we were going for a look that reflected the Wild Valley series name I decided to go with the conditions and used a water spray bottle to give the effect of light misty rain. A warm gelled hard light was added at the back of the bottles to simulate low angled sun to add a bit of sparkle to the otherwise dull light. The same added light  back-lights the water droplets.

A few other shots from the series are included below. The ambient lighting conditions varied and each required a different approach to shaping the light to suit the image.