Westland Dairy Products Landscape Photo Shoot

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Just before winter really set in I completed a landscape photo shoot for Westland Milk Products under the direction of Robert Jamieson from Q Brand Agency. As always, it was a pleasure to work with the team at Q.

The photography included locations in Canterbury, and the West Coast – as far south as Fox Glacier and north to Greymouth. Several trips and a helicopter ride were timed with an eye on the weather forecast, which is tricky on the Coast (there is a reason it is so green over there).

On an assignment like this, more time is spent researching locations than actual shooting. In fact, the success of the shoot depends on the research. When the lighting is good it pays to know the area, so you are at the best locations and can move quickly from one viewpoint to another; or have backup locations in case the first choice doesn’t work out. The middle part of the day, when the lighting is usually at its worst, is a good time to do reconnaissance.

I got to meet a few farmers along the way and, without exception, they were helpful and accommodating. I don’t envy their job, it’s a mucky business with awful hours. Talking of muck, with a noisy water pump causing concern I nursed my car back to Christchurch after the final shoot. The garage had to keep the car for longer than expected, so as to steam clean their way through the accumulated cow manure to access the problem!