Stefan Roberts – Long Exposure Enthusiast

Stefan Roberts with one of his home made pinhole cameras

Recently I made a series of portraits of Stefan Roberts. Stefan is a photography tutor at ARA Institute and a long time enthusiast of pinhole camera photography and super long exposures. The exposures run into months and years. I am also a long exposure enthusiast, though I work with relatively short time frames, between 30 seconds and 15 minutes. It is a fascinating area of photography because the composition you see in front of you often turns out in surprising ways. An alternative version of reality if you like.

The challenge was to photograph a portrait but within a long exposure of a seascape to evoke the passing of time. To accomplish this I combined two exposures:

  1. A six minute exposure of the seascape
  2. A strobe-lit exposure of Stefan giving some portrait lighting
The portrait exposure using a battery powered strobe and large umbrella

To round off the series I made some images that feature the home-made pinhole camera, and a portrait of Stefan at work with a framed edition of a pinhole camera print.

Stefan Roberts with a print from one of his pinhole cameras