Recent Architectural Photography

Architectural photography has kept me busy lately. I particularly enjoy working with a mixture of artificial and natural light to emphasize structure and form.

There are many similarities with landscape photography with regards to planning and timing. To help produce the best work it pays to be flexible with regards to when the shots are taken. It is often worth waiting for the weather and time of day to coincide to show the building at its best.

Specialist equipment such as tilt-shift lenses, a vehicle platform and camera extension pole all help but in the end there is nothing like being there at the right time and working with the light and structure.

A portfolio of architectural work can be viewed here: john doogan architectural portfolio

Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch Residential home, Christchurch doogan_151123_8008-Pano doogan_150925_5274-HDR-Pano doogan_160214_1854-HDR-Pano doogan_160210_0887-HDR Taylors Mistake, Christchurch doogan_160215_1956-HDR-Pano-Edit Taylors Mistake, Christchurch Residential house, Christchurch doogan_160218_2527-HDR-Pano doogan_151207_8573-HDR-Pano-Edit