Marlborough Wine Airbridge Murals

The installed murals in one of the airbridges at Christchurch Airport.


The airbridge murals featuring Marlborough wine country have been installed and they look great! Each side is 31 metres long by 2.4 metres high. Putting them together was the most challenging airbridge to date. Each row had to be photographed separately by moving the camera along one row at a time. In addition, each row required six exposures to provide sufficient depth of field and to capture the width of each row. It took 30 minutes to photograph from one end of the 15 rows to the other.

In the end, the most difficult thing to accommodate was the weather. The day of the shoot was the third attempt for a cloudless day. It was a relief to wrap it up, as I was required back in Christchurch the following day.

A lot of planning and testing went into this image. I am very grateful to the staff at Brancott Estate who helped out behind the scenes and acted as models on the day of the shoot. I am also indebted to Diana Dobson from Marlborough Falcon Trust who posed with Fern the falcon for the mural. Marborough Falcon Trust are sponsored by Brancott Estate and operate from buildings on the Estate near where this mural was photographed.  If you buy some of the Brancott Living Land Series of wines, $1 of each bottle goes to the Marlborough Falcon Trust.

Enlarged areas showing detail from some of the rows.
Enlarged areas showing detail from some of the rows.