Stefan Roberts – Long Exposure Enthusiast

Recently I made a series of portraits of Stefan Roberts. Stefan is a photography tutor at ARA Institute and a long time enthusiast of pinhole camera photography and super long exposures. The exposures run into months and years. I am also a long exposure enthusiast, though I work with relatively short time frames, between 30 seconds and 15 minutes. It…Read More

Wine bottle shoot

Recently I completed a multi-day shoot for Brancott Estate and Stoneleigh vineyards in Marlborough. It is interesting to look at the set-up shot and the completed image. The day for the above shot was dull and overcast and threatening rain. In fact passing showers were spotting the bottles as I set up. Because we were going for a look that…Read More

Waimakariri Images at NZI Headquarters in Temuka

A set of five framed images have recently been installed in the New Zealand Insulators headquarters entrance stairwell in Temuka. The 88 year old manufacturing business is undergoing a resurgence after years of decline due to competition from cheap imports. They proudly display the Made in New Zealand logo on the front page of the NZI website. It is great…Read More