Hellers NZ’s Butcher Photo Shoot

This week I photographed the smart sculptural signage at Hellers NZ’s Butcher under the direction of DOW Design. I thought it best to wait for a clear evening and morning to get low-angled sun to accentuate the 3D nature of the signage. I also wanted to get a shot at dusk with the exterior building lights on. It is a lovely time to photograph – the sky goes a deep blue, the light is soft and detailed, and the electric lights give nice accents to the image. The unsettled weather posed a few planning┬áchallenges because I had to arrange to have the trucks lined up by early afternoon on their return to base, and I couldn’t guarantee the weather would still be clear in the evening!

Cameras used for this job were a Canon 5D2 and 1DS3. Lenses were 16-35, 24-105 and a 100-400. I also occasionally used a roof tray on my vehicle to get a bit of height.

To help plan for sun angles I use a wonderful tool called The Photographer’s Ephemeris.


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