New Images for Orion Electricity

I’ve nearly completed work on a set of images for Orion, the electricity supply company here in Christchurch and Canterbury. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Greg Dodds from La Fabrica Design and Gina Clarke from Orion on this project. I would also like to thank the engineers from Orion who agreed to be photographed.  They’re a very professional and obliging bunch.

The brief was to show Orion technicians working in the Christchurch and Canterbury landscape. This was challenging for a couple of reasons:

  1. It is tricky to co-ordinate availability of vehicles and technicians along with the weather and the best time of day.
  2. The images needed to be high-resolution panoramas so they could be cropped for a variety of uses.
In a project like this most of the time is spent on planning and location scouting. The actual photography takes the least amount of time. Location scouting can be done at any time and is quite a pleasant part of the job. It involves visiting possible locations, predicting at what time of day the sky and the light on the land will look best. Often it involves reporting back with sample images to get approval from the client to organize vehicles and technicians.
All of the images are panoramas made up of 6-8 images.
I enjoy projects like this as they draw on a wide range of skills, from landscape photography to post production techniques such as panorama stitching and compositing.


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